Are You Living Your Best Life?

Are You Living Your Best Life?

     The good life. The one thing we all aspire for. We devote countless hours, remedies, and beliefs to it. Being happy is our goal in the end. But at what cost? How do we do it? What does it take to live the good life?

    I'm a firm believer that being happy has no absolute definition; it varies from person to person. Some measure it by the amount of money in their account; some simply by a gut feeling. But whatever your vice is, make sure your life is exactly how and what you want.

     My personal journey towards happiness has been rather unconventional. Even with money, in the bank, I felt unfulfilled. I was lacking. Even with weekly treks to the church, there was something that was still holding on to me. Now don't get me wrong; I am a fervent believer in God and I know exactly who He is. I've always known someone was watching over me. But my relationship with Him wasn't what it should have been. It was something I really began to wrestle with; I wanted to find that peace, but I wanted it on my terms and not societal norms. So that became my mission.

     The first thing I had to do was realize what it was going to take to make me happy. I'm pretty simple; I'm not into material things. Waking up every day is good for me. Knowing that I have another shot to get it together is what means the most. Still, I had to get my life with the Creator together, so I could get what I was searching for. So I simply talked to Him. Tradition dictates we have a formal prayer, chock full of thees, thous, and thus. But I talk like I normally would. No need for formalities if I'm created in His image. So I asked for clarity on what I could do to receive that peace. The term "reap what you sow" and the word "karma" kept coming to my head. And I happened to come across a book, "The Alchemist", that transformed my thinking. It is a fable of sorts about the journey of true self and being in control of your life. I learned that whatever I put in the atmosphere, whether good or bad, God and the universe would conspire to make it happen. Put good in, get good out. Since then, that has been my philosophy. Wake up, talk to God, make a positive affirmation to the atmosphere, and begin my day. And it is what works for me. I believe wholeheartedly in it. There are a few material things that I seek out, and I know with the right amount of work, they will come as well. But at this point, I am happy. And that is indeed the goal.

     That is my story. Your story may be different. Your path will be different I'm sure. But no matter which route you take, just make sure you find your true happiness.
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