Meet DeCorey

DeCorey Hale was born in the city of Sylacauga Alabama, a small town 30 minutes south of Birmingham. His parents are the late Mr. Donald Hale and Mrs. Delores Hale. He has one sister Dana. After graduating from Sylacauga High School, he attended Alabama State University, majoring in Sales and Marketing. There, he was given not only a quality education, but he was equipped with skills that he still utilizes today.

 DeCorey is a known multitasker, often referring to it as “his gift and his curse”. Though his life is as hectic as it is, he still makes time for those that are close to him and need him. Even though there are many hats he wears, his first passion has always been writing. 

In 2014, DeCorey began blogging and freelancing for magazines such as Hip Hop Album Debate, Xkluziv, and London LeBlanc. He grabbed the attention of many readers , eventually becoming a regular writer for the Huffington Post.

In 2015, DeCorey decided to revisit a story he had written for his oldest daughter Nylah, titled “Ebenezer the Sneezer”. This was his first book, released in April 2017. In addition to upcoming writing projects, DeCorey is heavily involved in his local community as well as offering a helping hand to fellow up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

He loves to do charity work with his circle of friends, and they are currently working on forming a nonprofit in order to continue helping the communities around them. Whenever asked about everything he does, his answer is always the same: “I just want to make my own mark on the world and be the best person I can be”.